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Receiving Delivery Offer Notifications

When you are offered a delivery, you will receive a text to the phone number with which you used to sign up on the dlivrd platform. Delivery offers will be sent to you whether you are marked as “on-duty” in the app or not. This text will come from 58973. We recommend you save that number as dlivrd notifications. This text will include some of the details of your offer.

  1. Whether the delivery is scheduled for today (“day of” offer) or tomorrow (“next day” offer)
  2. Name of the restaurant from which the delivery is being picked up
  3. Projected earnings for completing the delivery successfully
  4. How much time you are given to respond before the offer expires – This can change based on the timing of the delivery.
  5. If you miss your window, you will be sent a text that enables you to request it be sent back. This will not always send the delivery offer back to but will give you your best chance at it.