Receiving Delivery Offer Notifications

When you are offered a delivery, you will receive a text to the phone number with which you used to sign up on the dlivrd platform. Delivery offers will be sent to you whether you are marked as “on-duty” in the app or not. This text will come from 58973. We recommend you save that […]

All About Being “On-Duty” in the dlivrd App

On-duty simply means that you are sharing your location with us via GPS. If you are off-duty you can still be sent delivery offers. It is best to use on-duty as a means of letting us know where you like to complete deliveries. Example 1: You are currently at your home. You like to complete […]

How often can I expect to make deliveries?

This can also vary depending on the number of deliveries you have completed and how many large, insulated catering delivery bags you own. You can always purchase delivery bags on your own and send us pictures at 1-844-515-2932 or by going to After first signing up, you can expect to be offered a delivery […]