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Successful Delivery 101

We’ve put together a helpful checklist of what to expect and how to prepare for your first delivery on the platform. Please confirm and remember the following on the day of your first delivery:

  • Reply To Confirmation Text 📲
    • Sent around 1 hour before pickup time
    • Reply with “YES” to confirm delivery within 15 minutes
    • Go into the app and swipe start on your pickup task 30 minutes before the pickup time
    • This way our partners know that they can count on you 
  • Phone Charged 🔋  
    • So everything can go smoothly
    • Apps and GPS can cause significant drain on your battery
  • Tank of Gas ⛽
    • Your car will love you for it
  • Delivery Bags/Cart 👜
    • If you’ve got them, always bring them just in case

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Swipe Start On Each Task 📱
    1. Pickup Start: 30 minutes before you arrive at restaurant
    2. Arrived at Pickup: Your GPS does this for you, don’t swipe
    3. Pickup Complete: you’ve packed the car and are ready to go
    4. Delivery Start: you’re leaving for delivery
    5. Arrived at Delivery: Your GPS does this for you, don’t swipe
    6. Delivery Complete: food is setup & photos taken
  2. Choose Default GPS Navigation App 🌎
    1. We suggest “WAZE” or Google Maps
  3. Call or Text Us 📞
    1. 1-844-515-2932