Our Story

dlivrd: Our journey started with a cheesesteak.

Witness the inspiring story of dlivrd’s founder & CEO Chris Heffernan, who was inspired to start his first delivery business, Foodcab, after a transformative encounter at Big Al’s Cheesesteaks in Delray Beach, Florida. He noticed a DeliveryDudes sticker in the window, and struck up a conversation with one of the restaurant employees about the business. In 2011, Heffernan came up with an on-demand food delivery service, years prior to the big fish coming into the Philadelphia-area market. However, demand for these key players started and FoodCab shut down. From the ashes, dlivrd emerged!

Started in 2018, dlivrd strengthened its core competency of catering delivery. dlivrd is an international, last-mile omni channel logistics and technology company for restaurant catering, on-demand and same-day food and e-commerce delivery. dlivrd has a network of thousands of drivers, presence in over 150+ markets across two countries.

Our Journey