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What is an earning opportunity?

dlivrd works with catering companies and restaurants in more than 100 markets across the US and Canada to accumulate delivery opportunities to be coordinated through our app. We call these high-quality earning opportunities.

We then partner with a fleet of customer-service driven and independently contracted delivery drivers, like you, to connect to and complete these high-quality earning opportunities successfully. Because dlivrd and the delivery driver work in collaboration to make this experience an extraordinary one for everyone involved, we call you an Earning Partner. Earning Partners use dlivrd as a guide and our platform as a communication tool throughout the process. Earning Partners pick up the food in their personal vehicle from a restaurant or catering partner and deliver it, professionally, to the customer. The customer pays the restaurant. The restaurant sends the delivery costs, usually made up of a base fee and tip, to dlivrd. Your agreed-to earnings flow right from us to you!