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Canceled Orders

A canceled order is one that was accepted by an earning partner but then not completed. Canceled orders often lead to unsatisfied customers, angry catering partners and large refunds. It is important that catering providers trust dlivrd to connect their orders with reliable earning partners and because of that, earning partners with canceled orders could have their accounts deactivated.

The most severe canceled order is the No Call, No Show. For these, an earning partner accepted an opportunity but then never responded to the confirmation text nor contacted dlivrd. These orders are very often refunded. As such, any instance of a No Call, No Show could lead to account deactivation.

If you are unable to complete an accepted order but you contact us ahead of time, that is known as a Bailed Order. For these, the earlier you alert us, the more likely it is that we will be able to find a replacement partner and complete the order on time. In particular, orders that are bailed with less than two hours before the pickup time are most often refunded and as such, severely impact dlivrd’s reputation with its catering partners. Multiple bailed orders can lead to account deactivation, even if the orders are canceled for valid reasons.

  • If you ever believe you cannot complete an accepted order, text or call us at 844-515-2932 right away. You can text us 24 hours a day!
  • Only accept orders that you are fully confident that you’ll be able to complete.
  • Reference THIS VIDEO if you have any questions about the order review and acceptance process.