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Earn More with Catering Delivery Equipment

The catering delivery equipment that you have at your disposal directly impacts the size of the deliveries that can be sent to you. Remember, the larger the delivery is, the more you can generally earn. Let’s learn more about this.

  • There are two pieces of catering delivery equipment that matter most when determining the size of deliveries sent to you; large, insulated catering delivery bags and carts.
  • When we say large, we mean that the dimensions of the bags should be roughly 23″ Length (across the front) x 12″ Width (front to back) x 12″ Height (bottom to top)
  • Any bag that closely matches those dimensions, is insulated and has handles will help you receive larger catering delivery offers even if it is branded with another company’s logo
  • If you already have large, insulated catering delivery bags let us know ASAP by texting a picture that shows quantity and their size to 1-844-515-2932
  • If you don’t have bags, we encourage you to purchase bags from us by going to; no need to send pictures of those, we will update your profile accordingly once you receive them
  • If not, you will receive a link via email for 2 free bags and a few other helpful items after completing 5 or 10 catering deliveries; depending on your market
  • As you continue to complete deliveries on the platform and hit certain thresholds, we will continue to e-mail links to free bags, discounted carts and other branded swag