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What to Wear While On a Delivery

We don’t enforce a dress code here at dlivrd. We do, however, want to educate you on how best to be successful while working on this platform. As you know, these high-quality earning opportunities are generally high cost and expectations for the experience from clients and customers are high as well. Catering companies, restaurant partners and most importantly, customers expect that their food is delivered professionally. We highly recommend that you dress presentably. Jeans, a t-shirt and/or hoodie and sneakers usually do the trick. Any open toed shoes are highly discouraged. A sandal getting caught and tripping you with hundreds of dollars of food in your hands or the same food falling on your foot could be a catastrophe for everyone involved. Additionally, wearing the dlivrd branded lanyard after receiving it can help portray a professional appearance and the helpful tips that come with it are always good to have nearby.