Drive with us

Our driver partners are our number one priority. It all starts with you.

dlivrd matches drivers with the deliveries they want leading to higher earning opportunities and a more efficient schedule.

Professional driver network

As the demand for exceptional customer experiences grows, so too does the need for skilled deliver driver professionals who can deliver on these expectations.

Higher pay

We evaluate each client we work with to make sure it makes sense for our driver partners. Driver partners tend to average $35 per order over a 30 day period.

Top notch support

It is important for you to be able to quickly get intouch with support when you need it. Call or text our team of support people anytime.

The dlivrd difference

Healthcare Is Important

We partner with Local Delivery Perks to offer an affordable health marketplace to our driver partners. We want you to be able to take care of yourself and the ones you love.

Emerald Elite Club

The top 10% of our driver partners are eligible for an invite to our Emerald Elite Club which gives them:

Driver Testimonials

Christian Guerra
Greensboro, NC​

The last six months have been phenomenal with dlivrd. Everyone’s professionalism speaks volumes about the company.

Ken Robinson
Philadelphia, PA​

Hey yal this is Ken in the Philly Market. I just wanted to Thank you for including me in the club. Also wanted to give a shout out to the dispatchers in this market. They are on point with their timely responses to problems and questions with deliveries. | can’t speak for any other drivers where I’m at but I’m grateful for the extra eamings. I’m a full time ride share driver that was working over 70 hours a week to provide for my family. The opportunity y al gave me has allowed me to spend more time with my family which is paramount to me. | also love the idea ofaa tiered rewards system for the folks in this club. Im a Diamond driver for Uber and was a Platinum driver Lyft. Support for drivers on those platforms are sorely lacking which is why | don’t work Lyft anymore and why I’ve been so impressed with Dlivered support staff. Also looking forward to be able to working the Florida market as | hope to be a snowbird one day and spend my time between Philly and Florida. Thanks again for including me in this club and for making it easier for me to provide for my family.

John Culbreth​
Austin, TX

The reason I’m shooting you this quick email is to THANK YOU for providing such an excellent, user friendly platform for drivers. As someone who is currently in school to become a Software Engineer, I really appreciate the user interface of the application. I have experience driving with many “gig” apps here in Austin and I can tell you definitively that dlivrd’s is far better than the rest—so, great job!Not only is the user experience great, dlivrd allows me to work in a flexible nature that also allows me to focus on my schoolwork when needed. Without companies like yours, I wouldn’t be able to chase my dream of becoming a software engineer.Again, thank you for the product you have put out. I look forward to doing many more deliveries for dlivrd!​