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Receive More Catering Delivery Offers

The equipment you have available is a critical piece to higher earnings and more frequent delivery offers. You can learn all about catering delivery equipment and how that will help you by clicking here. Additionally, there are a few things that you can do to put yourself in the best position to receive more frequent delivery offers.

Before we get into the specifics, we would like to share a little context about the volume of delivery offers you receive. We try to be as clear as possible through the recruitment process that the volume of delivery offers you receive can be unpredictable based on a few factors. This is why we always recommend to use dlivrd’s catering deliveries as a supplement to your main source of income; whether that be a traditional job or other gig work. Those factors include:

  1. Your location: the closer to a major city you appear to be based on your gps location the last time you were “on-duty” in the app, the more delivery offers will generally be available
  2. The day of the week: we are generally busiest between Monday and Friday with a large concentration between Tuesday and Thursday
  3. The time of the day: we can’t say it enough, we are busiest between 10am and 2pm
  4. The time of the year: when people are working on-site most, we are busiest so holidays are generally very slow but we will also be busy right before or right after them
  5. Clients in the area: we have specialized clients in many markets that require more expertise to complete their deliveries and if you demonstrate over your first 20-30 deliveries that you are a reliable partner that will show up on-time while creating extraordinary experiences, you will become eligible for these specialized clients’ delivery offers

So, what can you do?

  • Respond to delivery offers by accepting or declining. If you let 3 delivery offers timeout without responding on a given day, we will assume that you are unavailable and will not keep sending offers for that day.
  • The more delivery offers you accept, the more likely you are to receive additional offers. As you complete more deliveries successfully and on-time, you will accumulate more equipment such as large, insulated catering delivery bags. This makes you eligible for larger delivery offers with larger earnings and to complete catering delivery offers generated from clients that require additional expertise/equipment.
  • Let us know if you have large, insulated catering delivery bags by texting us a picture that shows their size and quantity to 1-844-515-2932. You can also purchase your own at  
  • Text just the word “available” to 58973. Standard message and data rates may apply. If you have not seen any next-day delivery offers by 3pm the day prior, we recommend sending this text at that point. See example in the picture below.

Using “On-Duty” to Your Advantage

As we’ve shared, The largest volume of delivery offers in your area will generally be closer to the major city nearest you. If you are willing to deliver in and around that city, you will probably be very busy. If you are available to deliver in or close to city limits, that’s OK. As we continue to grow, more opportunities will come available and there are generally fewer other drivers to compete with in those areas.

We’ve included two examples below of how you can best use “on-duty” to your advantage

Example 1: if you are open to delivering in and around the closest major city to you: The next time you are close to, or in, the city, simply swipe to on-duty in the dlivrd app. Give the GPS a few seconds to ping your location and then swipe to off-duty again before leaving. Our system will then register your location as closer to the higher volume of deliveries. From there, you can go about your travels. When we begin sending out delivery offers, we will send them to you based on your last known location. Once you accept a delivery in the area, we will then be more likely to send you more delivery offers close to that area for the rest of that day.

Example 2: if you prefer to delivering close to your home: You are currently at your home. You like to complete deliveries nearby but haven’t received any offers for the next day yet and are planning to travel into the city for a little fun. It would be best to open the app, swipe yourself to on-duty, give the GPS a second to ping, then swipe back to off-duty before leaving the comforts of your home. When we begin sending out delivery offers, we will send them to you based on your last known location. If your last known location is close to home, then we know which delivery offers make the most sense for you.