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Day of Delivery: After Confirming we Begin Communicating

30 minutes prior to the pickup time of your delivery it is best to open the app and swipe start on the pickup task. Be sure your calendar is set for the right day when you open the app. If we see that this does not happen, someone from the dlivrd team will reach out to remind you. Even if your pick-up location is only five minutes from your current location and you won’t be leaving for some time, it is important to swipe start on the pickup task ahead of time so that restaurant partners have peace of mind that their food is going to be in good hands with you.

We always recommend for you to leave for the restaurant with enough time to make it to your pickup location on-time. Be sure to check for expected traffic or any local-to-you challenges that could impact your route. Being more than 10 minutes early or late at all for the scheduled pickup time will negatively impact your standing on the platform. Most of our deliveries are going to businesses and all deliveries are catering sized. Customers have made plans for the food to arrive at specific times. Orders arriving at their event too early can be disruptive to these plans and can lead to guests consuming cold food. Orders arriving too late can throw their plans off completely. Late deliveries can result in client chargebacks that can negatively impact your earnings for the deliveries you complete.