Receive More Catering Delivery Offers

The equipment you have available is a critical piece to higher earnings and more frequent delivery offers. You can learn all about catering delivery equipment and how that will help you by clicking here. Additionally, there are a few things that you can do to put yourself in the best position to receive more frequent […]

When will deliveries be offered to me?

Most delivery offers will be sent to you the day prior to the delivery between 1pm and 3pm, local time. This will not always be the case; we continue to offer deliveries the day prior until 9pm. We also send deliveries that come in overnight or that are left over from the previous day on […]

What do I do when I receive a delivery offer?

It is best to open the dlivrd app after receiving a delivery offer to evaluate the full details of the opportunity. Once in the app you should use the calendar to ensure you are looking at the appropriate day. Once you are on the correct day to evaluate the offer, tap on the pickup task. […]

Receiving Delivery Offer Notifications

When you are offered a delivery, you will receive a text to the phone number with which you used to sign up on the dlivrd platform. Delivery offers will be sent to you whether you are marked as “on-duty” in the app or not. This text will come from 58973. We recommend you save that […]