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The Importance of Emails from dlivrd

It will be helpful to ensure that dlivrd is a known sender from both a phone and email perspective. As we’ve demonstrated, phone communication is critical to your success on this platform. Additionally, Earning Partners that pay attention to the emails they receive from us tend to reap many benefits. E-mail messages that you get from us could contain promotional information that make our high-quality earning opportunities even better, messages about pay timing impacts due to holidays, or new programs being offered to enhance your experience like Occupational Accident insurance or access to low-cost medical benefit plans among other things. It is our recommendation that you don’t unsubscribe from our emails as this can lead to you missing critical updates. If your phone number or email ever change, be sure to text us at 1-844-515-2932 ASAP. Just give us your first and last name, market and tell us what’s changing. We will take care of the rest.

Included below are screen grabs of previous emails that have been sent that are particularly beneficial for Earning Partners. This is just to show why it is important to be on the lookout for email communications from us.