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What do I do once I’m at the pick-up location?

The app will automatically mark that you have arrived at the pickup location via the GPS. If the door is locked, always try knocking. Text us at 1-844-515-2932 if you are not having any luck. Once inside, make sure to announce yourself, the client you are picking up for and the order ID, found in the pickup task in your app: “Hi, I’m (Christine). I’m here for client XYZ order ZQ1-37P.” The restaurant will begin handing over food items for your delivery. Before leaving, check with the restaurant by asking “do I have everything?” Assuming they respond with yes, you should let them know that you are heading for the delivery location.

It is not your responsibility to check an itemized packing list. Once you’ve loaded up, swipe to complete the pickup task. After you swipe to complete the pickup task, your app will go directly to the delivery task. Swipe to start on the delivery task then press the navigation icon to use the in-app GPS or you can use your own and make your way to the delivery location.