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Pictures Protect Earnings

At the end of every successful catering delivery completed, you will be prompted to add a picture of the food that has been setup according to the customers instructions. In some cases this will be as simple as taking food out of the bags and arranging so that it is ready to enjoy. In others, it could mean using chaffing dishes, heating elements and serving utensils to arrange a buffet style catering spread. It could also be as minimal as setting the food out on shelves near a reception desk. Either way, this will be known to you prior to accepting or declining the delivery offer.

So by accepting the delivery offer, you are committing to following the customer’s delivery instructions. If they are not followed, the customer can raise this issue to the restaurant or catering company with which the order was processed. If that happens, the restaurant or catering company may decide to refund the customer. When this happens, the refunded amount can impact your earnings for the delivery.

The Proof is in the Pictures 📸

If there is ever a dispute about a customer’s delivery instructions being followed, these pictures are used as proof to protect your earnings for completing the delivery and your standing on the platform 

  1. After you have setup the food according to the customer’s instructions, it is best to open your phone’s camera app and take a picture of the full setup there
  2. Once you’ve got a picture that you are proud of go back into the dlivrd app
  3. You will see the word “images” in the delivery task and a green plus (+) sign; this is pictured below
  4. Tap the green plus sign
  5. Your phone will give you two options “Camera” is the first and that should be selected if you want to take the picture right in your dlivrd app Note: this is not recommended
  6. Select the second option of “Gallery” and this will let you select the picture you took on your phones camera before hitting the plus sign; this is pictured below
  7. Select the picture from your gallery of photos then swipe successful at the bottom of the screen and you’ve just completed a high-quality earning opportunity in a way that protects your earnings
  8. In the rare case that taking a picture is impossible or if a customer requests that this does not happen, that’s OK. Simply take a picture of the food before handing over if possible or take a picture of the building or office to which you delivered the food that is distinct to that location. A reception desk, the address of the building or the suite number printed on a window can all work if this is the route you must take