Successful Delivery 101

We’ve put together a helpful checklist of what to expect and how to prepare for your first delivery on the platform. Please confirm and remember the following on the day of your first delivery: Tips & Tricks:

Day of Delivery: First Things First

You will receive a confirmation text from 58973 (standard message and data rates may apply) about one hour prior to your first scheduled pick-up time of the day. If you do not respond with just the word “yes” within the time communicated in the text, we will try to reach you from 1-844-515-2932. If you […]

What if I need to cancel a delivery offer that I’ve accepted?

Failing to successfully complete an accepted delivery offer will impact your standing negatively based when you tell us that you need to cancel. If you can let us know the day prior to your delivery by 9pm Eastern Standard Time, that is much preferred. The closer to the pickup time we are made aware that […]

Reviewing Delivery Offers and Responding

It is best to open the dlivrd app after receiving a delivery offer to evaluate the full details of the opportunity. Once in the app you should use the calendar to ensure you are looking at the appropriate day. Your calendar will default to the current day. To adjust the calendar to the appropriate day, […]