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The dlivrd Open Opportunity Board Feature


We’ve got a fresh new way to connect you to high-quality earning opportunities. The dlivrd Open Opportunity Board feature will be a first come, first served way to view all high-quality earning opportunities available to you. We will continue to distribute delivery offers individually until 8pm, market time, for the following day’s deliveries. This will run in addition to that practice.

As you know, this is a brand new feature and we expect there will be some issues. To report these so that our team can research and solve, please follow the link here. If you are having issues or are receiving an error message that your account is under review, please double check the username that you are using to login to the site. The username that you should be using is located in the email you received about this new feature. This is not the same as your email address and oftentimes is your phone number without any hyphens or spaces.

If you have already filled out the survey indicating that you are having issues, there is no need to do it again. Additionally, if you see that there are no orders available, this does not mean that something has gone wrong, there just may be no orders available to you.

Here’s the rundown followed by everything you need to know to get started:

  1. At 8pm local time, all available delivery opportunities for the following day will be loaded to the Open Opportunities Board
  2. You will be able to view any opportunities for which you are eligible based on your equipment and standing on the platform that do not conflict with other opportunities that you have already accepted
  3. You will be able to review the important details of the opportunities such as earnings, distance and location information before requesting the opportunity be sent to you
  4. Keep in mind that if there are no available opportunities, it most likely means that all opportunities for your market have been accepted at the moment. This can always change so check back later.
  5. You can continue to check the board for available opportunities all the way through the following day at 8pm when new opportunities will be added

Follow the link here and the board will pop up in a separate window or tab. Return here for step by step instructions after opening.

If you have already logged into the site after a successful password reset, you do not need to follow the steps to do so again!

Tap Okay in the green box in the lower right hand corner

Tap “Retrieve Now!”

Enter the username that you use in the dlivrd driver app and then tap “verify.” Remember you username is case sensitive. This information will also be found in the e-mail that was sent to you about this new feature. In most cases, this is your phone number. You will then receive a password reset link via text.

If you get an error that your account is under review, wait 10 minutes and try again.

After you reset your password and tap “Okay,” you will be redirected back to the Open Opportunity Board log in screen. Once you log in with your username and the password you just created, you will be ready to go!

If there are available opportunities in your market, it will show like the above screenshot. To learn more and express interest, just tap on the opportunity.

After tapping on the opportunity you want to learn more about, you will see a more detailed breakdown of the opportunity. If you would like to claim it, simply tap “Interested.” If it is still available, you will see it in your app within a few minutes. If not, and you would like to view other opportunities, tap “back.”

As you know, this is a brand new feature and we expect there will be some issues. To report these so that our team can research and solve, please follow the link here.