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Fresh Opportunities – Cook Unity Cleveland

As you know, we are always in search of great high-quality earning opportunities to help your business thrive. Today, we are writing to tell you about just that! The catch is, you’ve got to act fast if you want to be amongst the first to try this one out. As always, completing the process to be eligible for these new delivery opportunities does not commit you to accept the ones offered to you. Completing the process simply means that you are eligible to be offered these opportunities. Additionally, it is a requirement of the Emerald Elite Program to be eligible for all client deliveries in your market.

We are working with a new client called Cook Unity that is looking for punctual and reliable earning partners like you to complete routed deliveries on Wednesdays. We’ve included a brief summary of this gig below along with a link that will take you to sign up for this opportunity that is exclusively being offered to our top partners in your area. If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this email.

Most of these routes take a couple hours to complete but only include one pickup location and then multiple drop off locations. Delivery times are typically scheduled for between 11am and 8pm. If you are dependable, you can expect weekly bookings for great money to drop off food packages to customer doorsteps with this pre-routed, paid per drop opportunity. Average earnings for completing this are usually between $80 and $105 depending on the route selected.

One of the especially exciting parts is that you will be able to use the whole delivery window. For example: if you pick up at 11am, you will have until 8pm to complete all deliveries. So, you should have no problem being able to squeeze in other earning opportunities while completing these deliveries. The key will be to make sure that you do not take any deliveries that will make you late for the delivery cut off time.

We are offering routes for this coming Wednesday and need to have these filled by the end of business tomorrow. So, please, act fast. Follow the link below to get signed up. Click here to complete the eligibility process.