Relish is a Special Client, subdivision of ezCater, and handles their group order model. These are individually packaged recurring orders going to a business location. The end customer may have any number of deliveries scheduled through the week and though the restaurant will change the delivery instructions for that location will not. Each individual employee […]


Ezcater is an order aggregator and dlivrd’s highest volume client; accounting for the majority of our deliveries daily. They operate in every market that dlivrd services in the US (not available in Toronto or Vancouver). The pay scale for this client is available to all drivers by visiting Order Identification When and How to […]

Events Happen

Events Happen is a direct client in the San Francisco market doing business under the name Gourmet Catering Bay Area. They do not have a brick and mortar restaurant, but make use of a commercial kitchen space. Order Identification Pickup Location and Notes 2200 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124South Side of the BuildingSuite Z […]


Chompie’s is a NY deli style sandwich chain in the Phoenix, AZ market. There are multiple locations throughout the market, however all catering comes from one store regardless of delivery location. Location 3212 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032-7233, United States Order Identification How and When To Communicate With Any Issues This client does not […]

HipCity Veg

Hip City Veg is a direct contract with locations in Philadelphia, PA & DC Metro. They serve cold vegan items usually in trays, typically easy pickup and dropoffs. There are 2 types of deliveries that dlivrd fulfills for this customer; standard catering and store to store transfers.  Locations How and When To Contact With an Issue HipCity does not use slack. For questions […]


Foodee is an order aggregator that services customers in the US and also Toronto and Vancouver CA. Order Identification When and How to Communicate Issues All communication of issues and/or questions regarding Foodee orders takes place in the #foodee channel in slack. Posts should all begin with @here followed by the individual order ID to […]

Tacodeli B2B Routes

Tacodeli has a special set of deliveries known as a B2B (business to business) Route.  These routes take place in the early AM 7 days a week in all of their markets, starting from multiple locations and involve drivers picking a large batch of tacos and sauces prepackaged for a multi-stop route.  Each stop is […]


Tacodeli is a large direct client in Texas with locations in multiple markets. They do traditional catering as well as a special set of deliveries called a B2B (business to business) Route. Catering orders come to dlivrd through 3 different paths, each with a different Order ID structure/identifier which can be found within the tasks. […]

Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse

Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse is Dlivrd’s oldest direct contract!  We have worked with them for many years, and orders should be handled with care.  They have one location in the Philadelphia, PA market at 7500 State Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19136.  They specialize in BBQ and have 2 types of deliveries (the delivery type is listed in […]


Our contract with Cosi crosses multiple markets and timezones.   They have a large number of breakfast deliveries in addition to their lunch catering, and most will be packaged in trays.  Cosi orders have individual order ID’s that should be used with the client, and in slack channels with teammates to identify the order when […]