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Relish is a Special Client, subdivision of ezCater, and handles their group order model. These are individually packaged recurring orders going to a business location. The end customer may have any number of deliveries scheduled through the week and though the restaurant will change the delivery instructions for that location will not. Each individual employee at the delivery can select their meal, or choose not to order at all, so the size of the orders, earnings, and tip can fluctuate up until the order cut off time on the day of the delivery.

Order Identification

Because Relish is a subdivision of ezCater they have the same six digit alphanumeric order ID, but there are other ways to identify these particular orders within the dashboard and the tasks themselves.

  • “!” Preceding the restaurant name in the dashboard
  • Pickup task description specifies that the driver is picking up an ezCater RELISH order
  • Driver tags within the task will include a special tag, RELISH

When and How to Communicate Issues

All issues/questions are communicated in the #relish-dlivrd channel in slack. Although they are affiliated , the Relish and ezCater team are completely separate. Agents in the ezdispatch channel cannot assist with Relish orders and vice versa.

  • Delivery instructions for this client are very specific and must be followed exactly, if there is anything keeping the driver from following the instructions this needs to be communicated in the channel
  • Any delays to or at the restaurant should be communicated asap
    • For Relish orders we need to confirm any wait time that is being billed in the thread with the original delay
  • Formatting and abbreviations for Relish posts are the same as ezCater
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