Nash is a 3rd party aggregator service; this means that their primary function is to connect other order aggregators (such as Sharebite and Superhero box) with delivery services via their tech integrations. Nash Clients Superhero Box Superhero box is a daily routed opportunity in the NYC market. They provide prepackaged meals to customers and have […]

Tacos a Go Go

Tacos A Go Go is a direct contract in Houston, TX. Your local taco dealer, serving award-winning tacos in five Houston area locations. Locations Identifying Orders Orders from this client are entered directly and will have a 10-digit alphanumeric Order ID ex. “X8N1W-1GNDB” When and How To Contact With Issues and Cancellations


Salted is a platform for scaling better-for-you restaurant brands, without the overhead of actual restaurants. Focusing on Ghost Kitchens exclusively they operate brands in cities in 10 states across the country, powered by tech-enabled kitchens and proprietary software. Live cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Columbus, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New […]

Happy Boards

Happy Boards is a direct contract that creates curated Charcuterie Boards. They operate out of commercial ghost kitchens around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens – dlivrd currently services one location. Locations The location currently serviced by dlivrd is 196 Stanton Street, New York, 10002 Identifying orders Happy Boards orders are entered directly by the client via […]

Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken is a direct contract servicing the mainly DFW area, as well as a handful of others also in CST and one in EST. They specialize in fantastic, wood-fired rotisserie chicken and homemade sides. Their catering orders are typically entered the same day (up to 90 minutes before the pickup time) but can be […]


Foodsby is an order provider in the Minneapolis, MN market. They are B2B service using the group order model (similar to Relish or Sharebite), processing individual meal orders from multiple restaurants in the area and coordinating delivery schedules. Their orders come in the afternoon before as usual but there are some distinct differences in the […]

Emmy Squared

Emmy Squared is a direct contract servicing the New York, DC Metro and Philadelphia Markets. They have multiple location in each market and specialize in catering of Detroit-style pizza and burgers. Orders for Emmy Squared should be handled with care and assigned to driers with enough equipment and experience to transport the Pizzas safely. Identifying […]

Local Grind

Local Grind is a direct contract with one location servicing the Portland market. They specialize in traditional catering Hawaiian style BBQ. We receive orders from this location both directly and will also get them through ezcater (Local Grind via ezCater orders will be handled the same as other ezCater). Locations Identifying Orders When and How […]

Qdoba Philly

Qdoba Philly is a direct contract with 4 locations in the Philadelphia market (not to be confused with Qdoba Urban Eats). Locations Identifying Orders When and How to Contact With Issues Special Pickup and Delivery Instructions


SimpleCater is an order aggregator/concierge service that specializes in traditional catering. They service clients in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas and Atlanta markets and more with dlivrd. Identifying Orders When and How to Communicate Issues All communication for this client takes place in the #simplecater-dlivrd channel in slack.