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Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse

Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse is Dlivrd’s oldest direct contract!  We have worked with them for many years, and orders should be handled with care.  They have one location in the Philadelphia, PA market at 7500 State Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19136.  They specialize in BBQ and have 2 types of deliveries (the delivery type is listed in the delivery task in the dashboard):

  • Drop-Off:  Drivers are given packed boxes of food and leave them with the customer with NO setup (set ups are an extra fee for the customer)
  • Hot Set-Up: Drivers are provided packed boxes of food as well as chafing dishes/racks, Sternos ,and bottles of water for the racks.  If these items are given to the driver a setup is REQUIRED as the customer has paid an extra fee for this service.
    • The delivery type will be specified in the task for driver review before accepting.
    • There is a video that can be provided to new drivers to show them how to set up the chafing racks and Sternos.

How and When To Contact With an Issue

Due to the sensitive nature of these deliveries, we need to reach out and update the store if the driver is going to be delayed by any amount of time to the pickup.

Best Method of Contact:  This client does not use slack. Call the store number and ask for the Catering Manager on duty.  We will use the customer name and delivery time to identify the order in question

Main Phone: (215) 333-9663 saved in the phone directory as Sweet Lucy’s

Payment Details

Sweet Lucy’s is one of the few restaurants that Dlivrd partners with which will have customers tip at the time of delivery.  Tips must be updated in the app by the driver and a picture of the signed receipt attached with the set up or delivery image in order to process. All tolls are included in the delivery fee when the task is submitted and should NOT be manually added to the task.

At the end of the day all tips need to be submitted to Sweet Lucy’s in order to be billable to the client.

Assigning Orders for Sweet Lucy’s

  • Orders can only be assigned to drivers with SL tag unless advised otherwise by the Logistics Team Leader
  • Direct orders are priority placement- These are not easy to save or cancellation in the case of a bail so drivers and routes should be chosen carefully.
  • No slack commands are applicable for these orders including cancellation.  We must speak with the catering manager in the event that we are absolutely unable to place an order.
  • Sweet Lucy’s orders cannot be doubled on one driver due to size and sensitive nature of this food.
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