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Tacodeli B2B Routes

Tacodeli has a special set of deliveries known as a B2B (business to business) Route.  These routes take place in the early AM 7 days a week in all of their markets, starting from multiple locations and involve drivers picking a large batch of tacos and sauces prepackaged for a multi-stop route.  Each stop is a “reseller” of Tacodeli Tacos and are equipped with a food warmer.  


Payment for B2B routes are a flat fee for the entire route and are not tipped by the customer.  Most are $50 (check the earnings in the delivery task to confirm if you are unsure) and tolls between stops can be added manually or to the tasks.

Delivery Instructions 

These are the instructions provided to the driver before their first B2B delivery

  • Receive tacos from Tacodeli staff member
    • All stops in the route are picked up at once and packaged in Tacodeli provided Cambros (big insulated cooler like boxes for food transport).  Each Cambro will be packed and labeled by Tacodeli staff. Salsas will be in cold bags and grouped by stop 
  • Deliver to each stop based on the provided task schedule
    • Driver should arrive at the arrive at the stop within, 5-15 minutes of assigned delivery time
    • If already running 15+ minutes behind when leaving Tacodeli;
      • Tacodeli will make attempts to reach accounts 
    • If drivers are running late during deliveries whether due to traffic, delay at previous stop or for any other reason; It is their responsibility to notify DLIVRD ops center of pending tardiness so they can alert the Tacodeli team 
  • Upon arrival to each stop
    • Seek onsite contract or barista and let them know tacos have arrived 
    • Remove taco and salsa bags from Cambros/ cold bags, and neatly 
    • place on counter, out of the way of their guests 
    • Leave POS receipt with bags or directly hand to barista if possible 
  • Once route complete
    • Return Cambro and cold bags to restaurant the SAME DAY

How and When To Contact With an Issue

All communication for questions, issues or delays takes place in the #tacodeli-dlivrd slack channel.  You can tag the store location or a manager from the list below.  If unable to get a response in the slack channel call the location directly. 

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