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Our contract with Cosi crosses multiple markets and timezones.   They have a large number of breakfast deliveries in addition to their lunch catering, and most will be packaged in trays.  Cosi orders have individual order ID’s that should be used with the client, and in slack channels with teammates to identify the order when there is a question or issue.  The order ID’s are 7 digits with no letters or special characters and can be found in both the pickup and delivery tasks in the dashboard(ex. 1167798). 

Cosi Locations

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • North Jersey
  • New York, NY
  • DC Metro
  • Chicago, IL
  • Hartford, CT

Contacting Cosi for Order Issues or Cancellations

  • We will receive bothe Ezcater order and direct orders but Only Call for Direct
    • Monday-Friday 7am to 5PM EST Reach out via Contact COSI MAIN ((866) 580-2674)
    • After 5PM EST and Sat, Sun Reach out to Contact Tara COSI ((917) 722-3930)
    • Before 7am EST NYC only- contact Rosie ((347) 421-6015)
      • Any other numbers that we receive inbound calls on are direct lines and should NOT be used for outbound communication.
    • Identify with Order ID and customer
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