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Events Happen

Events Happen is a direct client in the San Francisco market doing business under the name Gourmet Catering Bay Area. They do not have a brick and mortar restaurant, but make use of a commercial kitchen space.

Order Identification

  • Restaurant name is always Gourmet Catering Bay Area
    • notes in pickup task will specify that this is through Events Happen
  • Order ID is 10 digit alphanumeric ex.
  • Orders will be identified with the client using the order ID and customer name in the delivery task

Pickup Location and Notes

2200 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124
South Side of the Building
Suite Z

Driver should let the Chefs know that they are with Events Happen and confirm the order.  The meals will be already packed in Boxes, drivers can use them but if they do, they will need to return them. All catering orders should include plates, utensils and serving supplies.

How and When To Communicate With Any Issues

Issues or questions regarding deliveries should all be posted in the #events-happen-dlivrd channel in slack. The contact is Brad Lev but posts should still begin @here and the order ID followed by customer name so that all are notified.

  • If we are unable to reach Brad in the slack channel there is a backup phone number (415) 745-5307

Events Happen Pay Scale

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