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Ezcater is an order aggregator and dlivrd’s highest volume client; accounting for the majority of our deliveries daily. They operate in every market that dlivrd services in the US (not available in Toronto or Vancouver). The pay scale for this client is available to all drivers by visiting

Order Identification

  • Ezcater orders have a six digit alphanumeric Order ID (ex. ASA-3G5).
  • Pickup instructions will always specify that the driver asks for Ezcater +the order ID at the restaurant
  • Delivery Partner listed in the pickup task Ezcater

When and How to Communicate Any Issues

All communication regarding ezcater orders takes place in the #ezdispatch channel in slack. There are many ezcater agents in the channel and posts are handled on a first available basis. To ensure that messages are seen and handled in a timely manner all posts should contain standard formatting beginning with @here followed by the order ID. Similarly to how dlivrd functions in slack, an Ezcater agent will put eyes (👀) on the post and that is the person that will be working with you through the life of that order issue or question. If there is an update or reply that goes in the thread, tag the agent that put eyes on the post.

  • Ezcater posts use special abbreviations that are not applicable for any client besides them and their affiliate company Relish.
    • DD= Dlivrd driver
    • CP= Catering Partner/Restaurant
    • Cust= Customer
    • OG DD= Original Dlivrd Driver (in the case of a backup being needed)

Unlike our Direct and Special Clients, Ezcater only wants us to reach out in situations where there is going to be a direct impact to the delivery time for example:

  • Delays TO the CP of 10 minutes or more
  • Delays AT the CP (order not ready, no record etc.,) that are going to impact delivery
  • Delays to Cust that are impacting the delivery time by more than 15 minutes
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