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Foodee is an order aggregator that services customers in the US and also Toronto and Vancouver CA.

Order Identification

  • All Foodee orders have a 3 letter location code followed by a 6 digit order ID (NYC-123456)
  • The Delivery Partner in the pickup task is listed as Foodee
  • Each order will contain an item count in the delivery task along with the order ID to help Identify with the restaurant

When and How to Communicate Issues

All communication of issues and/or questions regarding Foodee orders takes place in the #foodee channel in slack. Posts should all begin with @here followed by the individual order ID to be quickly identified by the team.

  • Foodee does not want dlivrd agents or drivers reaching out directly to the restaurants or customers. If either of those parties needs to be reached agents should reach out to the Foodee team with a clear request for more information etc.,
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