Customer Not Answering at Delivery or No Contact Info Was Provided

If a driver chats in and says they can’t get ahold of the customer to deliver the food, first make sure they have tried calling the customer. In the driver app, next to the customer’s name is a phone symbol. If they tap that it will call the customer and hopefully that connects the two. […]

Customer Missing Items in Delivery

Not uncommon for a CP to forget items and ask for a driver to come back to redeliver it. The driver could also be at the customer and they notice something is missing and chat in about it. If the driver messages in about missing items start by identifying the source of the order. EzCater […]

CP Has Delivery Time As Pickup Time

This particular scenario happens more often than one would think. Oftentimes the restaurant will have the wrong time for the driver to arrive, an example is an 11am pickup with an 1130am delivery time but the CP has it as an 1130am pickup. The driver is usually the one who will point this out in […]

CP States the “Order Is Not Paid For”

If the driver arrives to pickup, and the CP says they cannot release the food because the order isn’t paid for, we need to advise the driver and also reach out to the client (order aggregator or direct client). Since we don’t work with customers directly the orders are 100% always pre-paid.

CP Has No Record of the Order

If a driver calls/texts that they are at a pickup and the CP (restaurant) doesn’t have the order or is unaware of the order please follow the steps below: 

Redelivery Fees

There will be times when a driver has to reroute from the location provided in the app or make an additional trip back to the restaurant for missed items.  In these cases we are able to provide the driver with a $15 Redelivery Fee.  Using the Redelivery command in Slack we can create a new […]

Identifying and reporting fraudulent orders

Fraudulent orders are not an everyday occurrence but they do happen. Oftentimes these orders are coming from a false account created with an order aggregator (i.e. ezcater). While they can be tough to identify at a first glance there are some red flags that can indicate an issue that requires further investigation. Tips Excessive tipping […]