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CP Has Delivery Time As Pickup Time

This particular scenario happens more often than one would think. Oftentimes the restaurant will have the wrong time for the driver to arrive, an example is an 11am pickup with an 1130am delivery time but the CP has it as an 1130am pickup. The driver is usually the one who will point this out in the chat. 

  • Thank the driver for letting you know, and ask them if they can wait for the order to be prepared. Also ask the if the CP has provided an estimated time to prepare the food. 
    • Waits of more than 15 minutes past the listed pickup time (or arrival time if the driver was delayed) will be eligible for wait time compensation.
  • Reach out to the client using their preferred method of communication to alert them to the issue and the time frame of delay.
    • For ezCater and Relish orders a post will be made only if the delay to the customer will be 30+ minutes
  • If the driver has another order, alert coordinators with a post in the #order-issues channel. We may need to alert the next restaurant of the delay, or move the order to another driver.
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