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CP Has No Record of the Order

If a driver calls/texts that they are at a pickup and the CP (restaurant) doesn’t have the order or is unaware of the order please follow the steps below: 

  • Confirm with the driver that they are providing the correct order ID/Client name, and let them know you are looking into the issue. Ask them to remain on site while we get the situation sorted so that we can make sure they are compensated for their time! 
    • It is important to let the driver know that they will be compensated regardless of outcome so they know that we value their time, and will help to increase the driver’s patience and also loyalty. 
  • Compose a message in the Client Slack channel (or reach out with their preferred communication method), advising of the issue with the order number
  • Communicate any news regarding the delivery from the order provider to the driver. If the CP locates/receives the order and agrees to prepare, see if the driver is able to wait for the order to be prepared and let them know that they are compensated for wait time beginning 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.
  • If the driver is not able to wait for the order to be prepared, or if the order has to be cancelled by the CP or the client advises that the driver should move on, they will receive compensation as well, though the amount is dependent on outcome. Refer to the guide for cancellation after pickup for the payout amounts.
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