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Customer Not Answering at Delivery or No Contact Info Was Provided

If a driver chats in and says they can’t get ahold of the customer to deliver the food, first make sure they have tried calling the customer. In the driver app, next to the customer’s name is a phone symbol. If they tap that it will call the customer and hopefully that connects the two. It is best to instruct the driver to leave a voicemail as the person may not answer numbers they don’t know. If they still can’t connect with the customer, reach out to the client using their preferred method of communication to get and alternate contact. Relay any received information to the driver to facilitate delivery.

Pro Hint!

If the driver has arrived at the delivery too early, the customer may be in a meeting. Remember delivery times (for ezcater orders delivering after 9:15am) are 15 minutes before the customers expected time, so if the driver is 10 minutes early they are 25 minutes early to the customer. If this is the case, ask the driver to hang tight until it gets closer to the delivery time.

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