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Order Is Not Ready at the CP and Driver Will Be Delayed

If a Driver calls/texts that they have arrived at the pickup and the order is not ready, please follow the steps below to resolve: 

  • Let the client know of the delay with their preferred communication method, provide as much info as possible including any time communicated from the driver and if you believe it will affect the delivery window 
    • If the order is for ezCater or Relish a post will ONLY be created if/when the delay to the customer will be 30 minutes+
  • Thank the driver in the chat for letting you know, and confirm they can wait for the order. Drivers are paid per minute after the first 15 minutes from the pickup time, which you can let the driver know if they ask. Make sure to keep an eye on the order and check back periodically to make sure the order is on track.
  • Search the driver name in the dashboard to see if they have any orders following that will be impacted by this delay and add create a post in the #order-issues channel to see if the second order should be rerouted to another driver.
    • Ex. @here AAA-BBB DD is waiting for order at CP will be 20 minutes until finished, delivery will be delayed by 30 minutes. DD also has order BBB-123 which pickup may be delayed 

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