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Customer Missing Items in Delivery

Not uncommon for a CP to forget items and ask for a driver to come back to redeliver it. The driver could also be at the customer and they notice something is missing and chat in about it. If the driver messages in about missing items start by identifying the source of the order. EzCater will not pay for re-delivery of missing items, and would prefer to credit the customer.

  • If the order is an EzCater order
    • Thank the driver for reaching out to alert us of the issue. Check that they asked the CP if they had all items before leaving the location. Let the driver know that they can move on and close out the task. We will have the client reach out to the customer to arrange compensation for the missing items. Driver will still be compensated in full for this order.
    • Compose a message in the EzCater channel giving any details about the missing items, current status and asking for customer followup.
      • ex. “@here AAA-BBB DD was at the cust location and was told there are items missing from the order. DD has moved on, please reach out to the customer for followup”
  • If the order is for a different Client
    • Thank the driver for letting you know and ask them if needed are they available for a re- delivery (as long as they don’t have another order).
    • If they are let them know we will reach out shortly if needed.
      • Create a post in the #order-issues slack channel alerting coordinators to the current issue
      • Coordinators will see if the CP wants to deliver themselves or send the driver back. If the driver does do the re-delivery, we will run the re-delivery command for compensation.
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