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Redelivery Fees

There will be times when a driver has to reroute from the location provided in the app or make an additional trip back to the restaurant for missed items.  In these cases we are able to provide the driver with a $15 Redelivery Fee.  Using the Redelivery command in Slack we can create a new task with the pickup/delivery information and assign it to the original driver, or if needed, send it to a new driver.

When Can We Pay a Redelivery Fee?

  • The GPS coordinates in the dashboard are incorrect (latitude and longitude)
    • If the address has been confirmed as correct but Google shows a different GPS pin location, causing the driver to reroute to a different location
  • The provided pickup or delivery address is incorrect
    • If the correct address has been confirmed with the client and the driver rerouted
  • The driver is asked to go to a different restaurant location for pickup than the one that originally provided
    • Only if the original location in unable to prepare the order
  • The driver is asked to return to the restaurant for missing items
    • The need for an additional trip needs to be confirmed with the client BEFORE sending the driver back to the restaurant. ezcater does not pay redelivery fees for missing items
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