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Qdoba Philly

Qdoba Philly is a direct contract with 4 locations in the Philadelphia market (not to be confused with Qdoba Urban Eats).


  • 1528 Walnut St – Center City (Famously hard to park at, therefore HARD to place)
  • 1112 W Lancaster Ave – Bryn Mawr (Easy Parking)
  • 33 E City Ave – City Ave (Easy Parking)
  • 1054 Baltimore Pike – Springfield (Far out, but easy parking)

Identifying Orders

  • Orders will have a 10 digit hyphenated Order ID in the pickup task
  • Restaurant name in the dashboard will specify Qdoba Philly

When and How to Contact With Issues

  • All communication for this client is in the #qdoba_philly slack channel
    • Primary contact is Will. All posts should begin with @here but if we are not getting a response tag Will specifically
    • If urgent and reply is not received call contact Qdoba Philly Will
  • Posts should begin with the order ID followed by the customer name

Special Pickup and Delivery Instructions

  • There are two different delivery types associated with this customer a Hot Setup which includes chaffing racks, or a Drop off. Hot Bar setup will be specified in the delivery task for this client.
    • Set up is required if the driver is provided with chafing racks, as this is an extra service that the customer has paid for.
  • There are guaranteed tips added to each order, however there will be instances where the customer has the opportunity to add a tip to the order. In these cases the driver will receive a receipt which they are required to have signed by the customer (whether or not there is a tip added) and upload a picture.
    • If a tip exceeding the guaranteed amount is added by the customer, the tip adjustment command will need to be run to update the driver’s payment
    • Customer added tips need to be submitted daily to the client for billing
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