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Foodsby is an order provider in the Minneapolis, MN market. They are B2B service using the group order model (similar to Relish or Sharebite), processing individual meal orders from multiple restaurants in the area and coordinating delivery schedules. Their orders come in the afternoon before as usual but there are some distinct differences in the look of the orders and also procedures.

Foodsby Specifications and Identification

Unlike most other “group order” tasks that we encounter, Foodsby orders are a routed opportunity. This means that the drivers will receive a flat rate (currently $35 split between all tasks on the order) for picking up multiple orders from one restaurant location and delivering to multiple different customers.

  • As with all group orders, the final meal count will update one hour before the pickup
    • for Foodsby specifically, the delivery locations will also be updated at the close of the order window. Before that the delivery tasks will be labeled “Dropoff Placeholder 1,2…”
    • Delivery task description will also contain filler text that will update with the meal counts and addresses
  • Identifying the orders
    • Foodsby order will have a ten digit alphanumeric Order ID (ex. AABB1-235BH)
    • Delivery Partner at the bottom of the details section of the tasks are “Foodsby”

When and How to Reach Out with Issues

  • All Communication for this client takes place in the Slack Channel foodsby-dispatch-comms
  • Use order ID +Restaurant name to identify the route in question and provide all updates in the same thread.
  • Reach out with any issues, delays, questions.

Driver Requirements and Special Instructions

  • Before delivering Foodsby orders, drivers should:
    • Have 2-3 Catering Sized delivery bags
    • Confirm having watched the Foosby best practices Video for delivery instructions.
  • During Delivery Process
    • Pack orders into Thermal bags at the restaurant separated by location (in the process of incorporating the Foodsby symbols into the dlivrd platform♥︎♣︎✕✖︎⬛️⚫️)
    • Count the number of meals to make sure it matches the number in the pickup instructions
    • At the delivery address locate the Foodsby drop rack (image below) and take picture of the food on the rack to complete the delivery.

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