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SimpleCater is an order aggregator/concierge service that specializes in traditional catering. They service clients in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas and Atlanta markets and more with dlivrd.

Identifying Orders

  • Order ID- ten digit hyphenated ID “X8N1W-1GNDB”
  • Pickup details will specify SimpleCater and orders are all under the name Carolina Ospina at the restaurant

When and How to Communicate Issues

All communication for this client takes place in the #simplecater-dlivrd channel in slack.

  • Posts begin with the Order ID followed by the customer name
  • Any delays to or at the restaurant/customer should be communicated in channel
  • Driver can contact the customer unless otherwise stated in the delivery task instructions
  • Requests for additional information in the case of a delivery problem can be posted in this channel
    • if no response to an @here post, tag Carolina directly
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