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Salted is a platform for scaling better-for-you restaurant brands, without the overhead of actual restaurants. Focusing on Ghost Kitchens exclusively they operate brands in cities in 10 states across the country, powered by tech-enabled kitchens and proprietary software. Live cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Columbus, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New York. They will have 60 locations live in 2024.

Salted Brands

  • moonbowls
  • Califlower Pizza
  • lulubowls
  • $5 Salad Company
  • Thrive Kitchen
  • ginger bowls

Identifying Orders

Orders can be entered directly or come through ezcater

  • Direct entry orders will have a 10-digit alphanumeric Order ID ex. “X8N1W-1GNDB”
  • Orders that come through ezcater will have their standard 6-digit alphanumeric ID ex. “AB3-1QT”

When and How To Contact With Issues or Cancellations

  • Direct orders should be communicated about via the #salted-dlivrd channel in Slack
    • Identify in the channel using the 10 Digit order ID and the customer name
  • Ezcater orders should still be updated in the ezdispatch channel in Slack
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