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Nash is a 3rd party aggregator service; this means that their primary function is to connect other order aggregators (such as Sharebite and Superhero box) with delivery services via their tech integrations.

Nash Clients

Superhero Box

Superhero box is a daily routed opportunity in the NYC market. They provide prepackaged meals to customers and have 2 different types of routes. All communication for issues with these routes takes place in the #dlivrd_nash channel in Slack.

  • Order ID Nash clients will all have a long string order ID
    • job_7grRMTPCqKBontcJcNvb7
  • Route Type 1
    • Multi-Drop route: The multi-drop routes typically occur in the morning. Drivers will pick up the prepacked meal bags for all stops at once from the CP and then go to make the individual deliveries.
    • Payment is based on the number of DELIVERY stops. Each delivery stop is a flat rate, the first being $15 and each delivery after that is $10
  • Route Type 2
    • Multi-Pickup route: multi-pickup routes occur in the afternoon. Drivers are going to stop at each pickup location to retrieve the empty thermal bags/boxes from the clients and return all equipment to the CP at once.
    • Payment is based on the number of PICKUPS. Each pickup stop is a flat rate, the first being $15 and each pickup after that is $10

Reference Images

Delivery images will not include a set up for this client but should have the equipment/bags that were left and show the Superhero box label


These routed opportunities come into the Tookan Dashboard with a Bags and Direct tag. Because they are not the standard catering order, EVERY new driver that accepts this type of opportunity must receive both a phone call to go over the details and explain how each route works AND a text recapping the directions before they are able to deliver this order. Routed deliveries are very difficult to place last minute, so it is crucial that the drivers accepting the orders understand exactly how they work and that these are Special Clients.

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