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Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken is a direct contract servicing the mainly DFW area, as well as a handful of others also in CST and one in EST. They specialize in fantastic, wood-fired rotisserie chicken and homemade sides. Their catering orders are typically entered the same day (up to 90 minutes before the pickup time) but can be entered the day before as well.


  • Greenville (Dallas)
    • 5315 Greenville Dallas, TX 75206
  • Preston (North Dallas)
    • 17437 Preston Rd Dallas, TX
  • Overton (Fort Worth)
    • 4972 Overton Ridge Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76132
  • Wylie
    • 3360 W FM 544 #950 Wylie, TX 75098

Identifying Orders

  • Direct orders will have a 10 digit hyphenated ID
    • ex. X8N1W-1GNDB
  • Orders can also come via EZcater and will have a 6 digit ID
    • ex. ABC-12R

When and How To Contact with any Issues

Because we receive orders through ezcater as well as directly, it is important to identify the source of the order FIRST to proceed with the correct contact method.

  • Ezcater Orders should be handled following the guidelines outlined here
  • Direct Orders
    • Reach out to the store location directly via Twilio for updates/cancellations
      • There are contacts in the directory for the stores as well as the managers for each location
      • Brittany Mercer is a backup contact if you cannot reach the store for some reason  214-945-5203
    • Orders should be identified at the store level using the Order ID AND customer name
    • Same day cancellations must be reported by 45 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.
    • Call with any delays or issues at the delivery.


  • Base Fee Tiers
    • $499.99 and under base fee $10 + mileage
    • $500.00 and over bse fee $20 + mileage

Special Instructions

  • Tolls
    • Tolls are NOT covered by this client
  • Stacking orders
    • Cowboy chicken orders can be stacked on a driver (maximum 2)with store approval.
  • Client Requests
    • Drivers should have at least 2 Hot Bags, Cart (for larger orders)
    • Full set-up should be offered on arrival for ALL orders
  • Tips
    • Customer added gratuities are not mandatory , but we will guarantee a minimum $10 tip if one was not added by the customer.

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