Changing Language Preference in the Dlivrd App

Occasionally drivers will reach out for assistance because the language preference in their app has been reset and they are not sure how to fix it. Send the driver the following instructions and accompanying screenshots, which they can follow based on the words or character position on their screen.

Customer Not Answering at Delivery or No Contact Info Was Provided

If a driver chats in and says they can’t get ahold of the customer to deliver the food, first make sure they have tried calling the customer. In the driver app, next to the customer’s name is a phone symbol. If they tap that it will call the customer and hopefully that connects the two. […]

Driver Cannot Call Customer or CP but Number Is Provided

If a driver requests assistance with contacting the customer or restaurant but you see a phone number in the task (in the customer tab) they can dial by simply pressing the phone icon in the task next to the contact and then dialing using their cellphone.  If they are still having trouble send them this […]

Wait Time Compensation

We can bill for wait time and compensate drivers that are waiting for an order to be prepared starting 15 minutes after the pickup time. Be sure to check the pickup history– if the driver is delayed reaching the pickup location., wait time starts billing 15 minutes after the arrival time. Billing for wait time


Incentives to orders are evaluated and can be added on a case by case basis by either a DSC, DLC, or senior most support team member on duty. The standard incentive amount that we will compensate is $5. Times when we can consider adding incentive compensation: How to Add Order Incentives

Parking Reimbursement

Parking is typically not covered, and is considered to be a part of the task.  There are certain situations where me may be able to compensate a portion of the costs, but these are evaluated on a case by case basis by the finance team.  If a driver is unable to pickup or deliver an […]

Toll Compensation

When Tolls Can Be Covered There are some instances where dlivrd will cover Bridge/Highway/Tunnel tolls for an order.  Verifying Toll Amounts Use the toll calculator to verify the amount (if any) to be reimbursed Adding Toll Compensation Tolls can be added for reimbursement in one of 2 ways: Responding to Driver Questions About Tolls

Order Cancelled Before Pickup Time

When an order is canceled by the client (Pickup and delivery task marked canceled via API) we potentially need to bill and still pay out the DD depending on how close it is to the pickup time. Check the history in the order task to see time stamp of when it was canceled compared to […]