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Order Cancelled Before Pickup Time

When an order is canceled by the client (Pickup and delivery task marked canceled via API) we potentially need to bill and still pay out the DD depending on how close it is to the pickup time. Check the history in the order task to see time stamp of when it was canceled compared to pickup time. Make sure to confirm with the client that the order is in fact canceled.

If more than one hour before the pickup

We cannot bill  or compensate with a cancellation fee.

If under one hour from the pickup time

We will bill and compensate the driver.  The amount is dependent on the scenarios listed below.

  • If the order is in an accepted/started status and the Driver HAS NOT arrived at the restaurant we bill the fee and pay the DD a $15 cancellation fee will be added automatically.
    • If order is canceled via API or a cancel command is run during this window, the pickup status will be changed to canceled, and the delivery status to successful.  The delivery will show a $15 base fee, $0 for the tip and $0 subtotal and Canceled Under Hour in the adjustment notes. 
    • The driver that accepted the order will receive the following SMS “Hello, it looks like the customer canceled your order a payment of $15 has been added to your account”
  • If the Driver IS ON LOCATION (before the pickup time) when a cancel command or API cancelation is received, the driver will receive full payment.
    • The pickup task status will change to canceled and the delivery successful. Base fee and tip will show the original amount and Canceled at Pickup will be added in the adjustment notes. 
    • The driver will receive the following SMS “Your order at (pickup) was canceled, but a payment in the amount of $x.xx has been added to your account”

If order is being cancelled after the pickup time view process for compensation determination here.

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