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Toll Compensation

When Tolls Can Be Covered

There are some instances where dlivrd will cover Bridge/Highway/Tunnel tolls for an order. 

  • If there is a bridge/highway/tunnel toll incurred in BETWEEN the pickup and delivery locations we will reimburse for the cost of the toll
  • If there is a toll going in only ONE direction, but the driver has no option but to pay a toll to return back to the starting (aka pickup) area
    • For example if a delivery is going from Philadelphia to NJ, there is no toll to get into New Jersey but in order for the driver to return to Philadelphia they must pay a $5 toll so that would be reimbursed.

Verifying Toll Amounts

Use the toll calculator to verify the amount (if any) to be reimbursed

  • Enter the pickup and delivery address into the calculator and press submit (does not need vehicle info) and press submit.  
  • If there are tolls between the pickup and delivery you will see this listen under “Route Costs”.  
  • The amount that we reimburse will be the highest amount (either e-zpass, cash or license plate video).
  • pro tip! If you do not see an applicable toll, but the delivery is crossing a bridge, run the route in reverse- there may be a one-way toll that we can still compensate for.

Adding Toll Compensation

Tolls can be added for reimbursement in one of 2 ways:

  • If a delivery task is incomplete you can use the edit stop function in the dashboard to add the amount to the toll section
  • Manual toll reimbursement can be added after delivery completion using an order adjustment form.  Reason Other- Toll reimbursement

Responding to Driver Questions About Tolls

  • If a Driver asks about a Bridge/Tunnel toll for their order:
    • Tolls are often added in advance before the order is assigned, however they are not visible to the driver until the order has been completed.  Check the delivery task to be sure that there is a value in the toll section of the earnings summary.
      • If the toll is already in the task reply-
        • “The toll has been applied to this order, you will see it in the earnings summary after the order is completed.”
    • If there is no toll in the delivery task check Toll Guru to see if there is an applicable toll during the delivery route.
      • If the there is a toll it can be added at that time
      • If there is no applicable toll reply-
        • “Unfortunately we can only cover tolls crossed while in transit from Pickup to Delivery location. “
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