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Dlivrd Slack Channel Reference


  • #dlivrdhq- communication intended to reach all dlivrd staff/departments. All posts in this channel require acknowledgement Types of posts in this channel include:
    • Tech Changes
    • Process Updates
    • Company announcements- birthdays, anniversaries, new company milestones
    • Current driver promotions and incentives
  • #operations- communication reaching the logistics and operations coordinators including:
    • Posts from Rose about active orders
    • Daily Client Rotation
      • High Priority Orders- Priority Client requests
    • Requests for assistance from coordinators (operations or logistics)
    • Team specific updates and announcements
    • Client feedback
    • Weekly meeting slides
  • #rose- items pertaining to new drivers, info update changes, DD’s having trouble accessing app, account questions, Pics of bags, etc.,
  • #support-channel- group channel for all members of the support team
    • Support Rotation (posted daily)
    • Process questions from support team to coordinators
    • Break notifications
    • Requests for assistance in specific channels, ie #pickup_not_complete
    • Tech or system issues
    • Locating open chats to communicate with a specific DD
    • +1 phone # updates (pinned thread in channel)
    • Spanish Speaker requests
    • Image Review (pinned thread incoming)
  • #payments-and-adjustments- Further information for the finance team regarding payments including:
    • Alerts about compensation updates or wait time commands run after the date of the order
    • Fees or compensation for drivers that should NOT be billed to the client
    • Situations requiring further explanation for payment
      • example: 2 drivers receiving payment for the same order ID
    • Non-Standard compensation requests
      • example: parking reimbursement requests, cleaning requests for vehicles soiled by poor packaging (receipts and pictures required)
    • Requests to REMOVE payment from an order
      • example: driver swipes through to complete a task prematurely
      • example: driver swipes through a task when they cannot wait but they should only be receiving a pickup attempt fee
  • #glenside/carlsbad- location specific announcements for non-remote staff


Dlivrd clients that utilize Slack each have a separate channel in this section for communication. Refer to the client section of the knowledge base for each client’s preferred communication method and special instructions.


  • #driver-bails- Orders that have been unassigned and require dispatch intervention. This includes:
    • Fredrick posts for drivers that did not respond to the confirmation text or swipe start on their pickup task
    • Last minute driver bails due to emergencies, car issues etc.,
    • Orders that need to be assigned to other driver, due to extended wait for preparation
  • #order-issues- Active orders that require additional review and potential coordinator intervention (i.e cancellation or reassignment, in addition to client communication) will be posted here for escalation to the on duty DSC or Support team members (if there are no DSC’s online).


  • command_channel– Channel in which to run commands updating orders, driver status’ and retrieving information
  • not_at_pickup– Notifications alerting support that the driver’s have not reached their pickup location
  • start_not_swiped– Driver has completed the pickup task and not yet started the delivery task
  • way_too_early– Pickup or delivery has been completed prematurely
  • logistics2- last chance notification to alert to orders that are approaching the cutoff time for cancellation
  • #botlife (not all team members will have this channel)- reference channel for order updates that happen via API


  • #dispatch-
    • Morning Check ins/Priority Same Day Sheet posts
    • DD’s looking for orders back
    • Order placement inquiries/discussion/NDF’s
    • Next day bails – DIRECT only
    • Drivers looking for orders (daily threaded post)
    • Sign off posts from Coordinators and Support
  • #logistics- issues for all Operations coordinators to review
    • a place to put eyes on, comment and collaborate on posts generated by Fredrick
  • #priority-order-info- daily, timezone specific, priority order posts for dispatch direction
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