Adding Pickup Attempt Compensation Via Command

If a driver reaches the restaurant location but is unable to complete delivery due to an extended wait time for the order, they are eligible for a pickup attempt fee of $15. This can be added via the pickup attempt command in the #command_channel in Slack. How the Command Works Deploying the Command Initiate the […]


Salted is a platform for scaling better-for-you restaurant brands, without the overhead of actual restaurants. Focusing on Ghost Kitchens exclusively they operate brands in cities in 10 states across the country, powered by tech-enabled kitchens and proprietary software. Live cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Columbus, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New […]

Happy Boards

Happy Boards is a direct contract that creates curated Charcuterie Boards. They operate out of commercial ghost kitchens around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens – dlivrd currently services one location. Locations The location currently serviced by dlivrd is 196 Stanton Street, New York, 10002 Identifying orders Happy Boards orders are entered directly by the client via […]


Foodsby is an order provider in the Minneapolis, MN market. They are B2B service using the group order model (similar to Relish or Sharebite), processing individual meal orders from multiple restaurants in the area and coordinating delivery schedules. Their orders come in the afternoon before as usual but there are some distinct differences in the […]

Updating Notification Settings

Updating channel notifications is key in being able to prioritize messages and tasks throughout the day.  You may be included in channels where every message requires your attention or acknowledgement, and there may be some channels where you only need to access the messages if you are directly mentioned.  Using the appropriate notifications settings will […]

Responding to “Way Too Early” Notifications

If a driver marks their tasks successful more than 30 minutes before the scheduled pickup time we will receive a notification in the #way_too_early channel in Slack. Once a task has been marked successful the stop status can no longer be edited so it is important to have these notifications so that we can duplicate […]

Responding to “Still Not Delivered” Notifications

If a driver does not mark their delivery task Successful 10 minutes after the event time (the padded delivery time, or in the case of orders before 9:15 the shown delivery time) we will receive a notification in the “still_not_delivered” slack channel. The purpose of this notification is to alert us of a possible delay/issue at the […]

Responding to “Start Not Swiped” Notifications

If a driver marks their pickup task Successful but does not swipe start on their delivery task in 4 minutes, we will receive a notification in the #start_not_swiped channel in Slack.  If the delivery task is not started, the order tracking stops at the pickup and the Client/Customer will not receive updated information.  Appropriate tracking is important […]

Dlivrd Slack Channel Reference

Dlivrd Clients Dlivrd clients that utilize Slack each have a separate channel in this section for communication. Refer to the client section of the knowledge base for each client’s preferred communication method and special instructions. Escalation Notifications Dispatch

Getting Started in Slack

Simple, effective communication is a must for any organization, which is why dlivrd utilizes Slack to connect our agents, team members, and clients. It allows us to organize our operation into channels and categories putting the information you need right at your fingertips. How Does dlivrd Use Slack? Slack is used for 3 main avenues […]