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Responding to “Start Not Swiped” Notifications

If a driver marks their pickup task Successful but does not swipe start on their delivery task in 4 minutes, we will receive a notification in the #start_not_swiped channel in Slack.  If the delivery task is not started, the order tracking stops at the pickup and the Client/Customer will not receive updated information.  Appropriate tracking is important not only for our client confidence and success, but also for the company’s internal metrics.  In most cases, the driver will have simply forgotten to swipe start on the delivery task before leaving the restaurant, but occasionally a driver may have prematurely completed the pickup in error.

Responding to the Notification

Use the “eyes” (👀) to take ownership of the issue and alert your teammates that you are currently working on the notification.

  • Search the order number in the Task Search bar on the dashboard.
  • If the delivery task status is already Started you can complete the notification with a ✅
  • If the the driver is clearly no longer at the pickup location (GPS is actively moving towards the customer), send the driver a reminder to swipe start using the canned response in the phone system.
    • If they do not start the task within 2 minutes and they are still actively moving towards the customer location you can change the stop status on the task to Started from Acknowledged. 
  • If you are unable to reach the driver via phone/text, or their GPS does not appear to be moving and they are not in the vicinity of the pickup or delivery locations create a post in the #order_issues channel to alert the on duty coordinators.
    • Example- @here AAA-BBB Pickup task was completed, unable to reach DD via phone or text and does not appear to en route to cust.
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