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Responding to Not At Pickup Notifications

If a driver’s GPS does not mark them on location (task status changed to “in progress”) 5 minutes after the pickup time we will receive a notification in the “not_at_pickup” channel in slack. This is a prompt for us to check in on the progress of the order so that we can make sure to be proactively alerting the client to potential issues or delays in the delivery process.

Responding to the Notification

Put “eyes” on the notification (👀)to alert the team that you are looking into the issue. Search the order number in slack to see if there have been any messages in the ezcater or other channels about a delay.

  • If there is already a message in a client-facing slack channel about the delay you can note that in the notification thread
    • If we are still in the timeframe of the original delay message, set yourself a slack reminder to check back on this notification when that time is up so that we can either update the delay information or complete the notification with a ✅ if the driver has reached the pickup.
  • If there has been no previous delay communicated, search the driver name in the task list of the team dashboard and click “show on map” to see what the driver’s ETA to the restaurant will be.
  • If the driver does not appear to be immediately approaching the restaurant based on their ETA, add a speech ballon to the notification and send the driver a text to ask what their ETA is and reach out to the client using their preferred communication method to inform of the delay. Include the reason for the delay and the ETA to the pickup, as well as any possible delay to the customer based on the ETA.
    • For ezcater and Relish orders we will only reach out if the delay to the customer is going to be 30+ minutes
  • Once the delay is noted, circle back and check to make sure the driver has arrived (status changed to In Progress) at their confirmed time and place a ✅ on the notification.

Special Circumstances/Issues

Excessive ETA to the Restaurant

  • If the driver appears to be very far still from the CP based on the dashboard’s Show On Map feature, and their GPS is up to date, it may be time to see if another, closer, driver can make this pickup as we will most likely be penalized for this order.
  • Reach out to the driver to see if this ETA is accurate- if so, let them know that we are reaching out to the client but may need to find a closer driver to pickup.  
  • Create a post in the #order-issues channel to alert the coordinators to the issue and they will check to see if the order needs to be removed and posted in the #driver-bails channel

Additional Delays

  • After the initial notification research , you will need to circle back to the notification and make sure the driver has reached the restaurant in their confirmed time frame.
    • If the task status for pickup is In Progress or Successful you will complete the notification with a ✅ reaction.
    • If the task status is still Started call the driver for an updated ETA to the restaurant.
      • “Hi this is XX with dlivrd on a recorded line.  It looks like you still haven’t reached you pickup at (restaurant name).  Can we have your ETA so that we can alert the restaurant and the customer of the delay?
      • Update your client communication thread if applicable
        • If the additional delay is going to be excessive, create a post in the #order-issues channel to see if this order should be moved to a new driver
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