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What are Slack Commands, and who is “Fredrick”?

The dlivrd dashboard is connected to our Slack workspace via API and enabled by a bot that we call “Fredrick”.  Fredrick communicates notifications for order and driver status’,  but also allows us to efficiently view and update order information/driver availability in slack via a preloaded “command”.  All commands are accessed by using a “/” followed by the command keyword.  * commands can only be used in certain channels in slack so make sure to double check that you are in the right channel before trying to deploy a Fredrick command.

Types of Commands that can be used in Slack:

  • ETA- populates the live tracking link for an order to see driver’s current location and eat to pickup or delivery
  • Cancelling EZcater and Relish orders
  • Viewing order details (ezcater only)
  • Viewing timestamps and images for completed orders
  • Updating delivery windows
  • Duplicating orders for multiple drivers
  • Clearing orders from the database
  • Marking drivers unavailable and returning them to the active driver pool
  • Fixing GeoFences in the dashboard
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