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Adding Pickup Attempt Compensation Via Command

If a driver reaches the restaurant location but is unable to complete delivery due to an extended wait time for the order, they are eligible for a pickup attempt fee of $15. This can be added via the pickup attempt command in the #command_channel in Slack.

How the Command Works

  • The command will create a duplicate of the order and add PUA at the end of the order ID (Ex. A23-B45-PUA). 
    • The original driver is going to be unassigned from the order, and the new task will be assigned to them in its place (allowing a NEW driver to receive the original task).
  • The PUA driver payout will show a $15 base fee and add “pickup attempt” in the adjustment notes. 
  • If there is wait time associated with the order at the time that the command is run, it will be added automatically as if pickup was marked complete at the time the command is deployed.
  • The driver will receive an automated text confirming the adjustment saying “Thanks for attempting to pickup the order from (restaurant name), a payment in the amount of $x.xx has been added to your account”

Deploying the Command

Initiate the command in the #command_channel in Slack by entering”/pickupattempt” in the message field followed by the order ID and press send. This command will work for all order ID formats. Once the command is received check the post replies from Fredrick confirming success, and follow through by checking that the order is now active in the dashboard.

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