Adding Pickup Attempt Compensation Via Command

If a driver reaches the restaurant location but is unable to complete delivery due to an extended wait time for the order, they are eligible for a pickup attempt fee of $15. This can be added via the pickup attempt command in the #command_channel in Slack. How the Command Works Deploying the Command Initiate the […]

Clearing Orders from the Database with the Delete From DB Command

This command is only to be used by DSC1’s and above For an order to track properly for the Dlivrd clients, the order must show a backend status of “Accepted” in the client’s portal/dashboard.  If the order has a status of Pending, Cancelled, or Rejected in the client portal there is no API connection sending […]

Fixing a Geofence Via Command

What is a “Fence”? When tasks come into the dlivrd dashboard, they are sorted into markets through the use of a Geofence so that they can be assigned to specific groups of eligible drivers within those markets.  The example below highlights the New York City “fence” which sits between the North Jersey and Long Island […]

Updating Delivery Windows With the “Update Padding” Command

The Update Padding command is used to lengthen or shorten the amount of time between the pickup and delivery tasks (known as padding), by adjusting the time for the pickup.  This command is currently available for ezcater command only. Reasons why we may need to adjust padding include: Before adjusting pickup times make sure to […]

Returning a Driver to Their Team With the Set Agent Available Command

If a driver messages in that they are ready to receive orders but they are currently listed as unavailable they can be moved back to an available team. This command should only be run by a DSC with access to driver records in Hubspot.  Before using this command we need to check that the driver is […]

Pulling Order Details Via Command

This command can only be used with ezCater orders There will be times when we need to know the specific details of an order which may not be in the pickup or delivery task. For example: The details command is run in the #command_channel in Slack, and will populate a response with all of the […]

Viewing Timestamps and Delivery Images for Completed Orders via “Confirm” Command

    There will be times that clients request timestamps for an order, or need delivery confirmation requiring the uploaded delivery image.  For most orders with an individual order number (i.e. Ezcater, Foodee, Relish orders) we can use the confirm command.  This command will populate a response with the CP arrival time, pickup complete time, […]

Creating a Redelivery Task via Command

Command Oerview There will be times when a driver has to reroute from the location provided in the app or make an additional trip back to the restaurant for missed items.  In these cases we are able to provide the driver with a $15 Redelivery Fee.  Using the Redelivery command in Slack we can create […]

Adding Wait Time Compensation to a Task via Command

Command Overview Wait Time Parameters We can bill for wait time and compensate drivers that are waiting for an order to be prepared starting 15 minutes after the pickup time.  Drivers earn $0.25 per minute for each minute over 15 that they are waiting. Be sure to check the pickup history- if the driver is […]

Using the “Unavailable” Command To Remove a Driver From the Active Pool

Command Overview The Unavailable command is used to remove a driver from their market’s active driver pool, so that they are not able to receive orders for a specified amount of time.  They will still be on the platform and have access to their earnings history in the app, but will not appear as a […]